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What is Surround Sound?

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

A surround sound system is one that allows you to feel inside the movie. If we were talking about music, it makes you feel as if you were hearing a band playing from the first row of seats.

The difference here is made by the rear loudspeakers, they play different sounds, not the full audio image played by the front speakers, so we can detect different sounds coming from different directions, and like that, our brain can create a virtual image of us standing in the middle of the situation, just by being in the sweet spot of our living room.

A surround system will have front and rear speakers, and a right and left side. To have even more clarity and details, a center speaker and a subwoofer can be added, improving how involved you feel in the movies action, or how live you can feel the music in your ears and body.

This is a classical 5.1 Sonos set. See it here

These days, all systems are digital, and they use a microphone (the one in your phone) so you can run a calibration process with them. In earlier days, you had some tracks to help you calibrate this, like white noise and pink noise, through a much more manual and user guided process.

When setting up a sonos surround system, a wizard will help you by playing some bips and sounds, while you move between the speakers with your phone. This will make the system know how far away speakers are, front to rear and right to left, and how to use the relative volumes and what frequencies each one should play.

These are the options to create your own Home Theatre set by SONOS.

That’s it, this is a process you won’t do again, and you can enjoy the audio optimized for your brand new fun room.

Get your surround sound system today, stop wondering what it feels like and get surrounded by it :D . We will be happy to set it up for you.

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