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For Your Home

Compact and small, the SONOS One fits just about any space. Place it on side cabinets, bookshelves, side tables, kitchen bench tops, on your bathroom vanity, outdoor dining table, or anywhere you want music. SONOS One SL is designed without voice control as a second stereo pair.
The SONOS Five has three custom-designed woofers that deliver rich bass whilst the sealed architecture eliminates reverb and echo.


SONOS Sub (Gen 3) is the ultimate bass without the buzz. Two speaker drivers at the centre of Sub face inward to eliminate vibration and rattle so all you hear is pure bass.


SONOS Beam is specifically tuned by Oscar-winning sound engineers to emphasise the sound of the human voice so you can always follow the story. Perfect for smaller rooms.
SONOS Arc is SONOS's first Dolby Atmos Soundbar. The Arc's arrangement is 5.0.2, as it replicates the soundfield of a five-channel surround sound system with no subwoofer and two height speakers. The Arc uses its array of speakers to bounce sound off your walls and ceiling to create a 3D audio effect, and the sound is tailored to your room using Sonos' Trueplay technology.


The powerful SONOS Amp allows you to connect everything from your TV, stereo or turntable to your wired speakers so you can enjoy all forms of music. Extend your SONOS System outdoors by powering your outdoor speakers with the SONOS Amp
Add SONOS Port to your existing stereo and enjoy streaming music, podcasts, audiobooks and more. You can also stream vinyl, CDs and stored audio files to SONOS speaker in other rooms of your home.

What We Love About SONOS

  1. SONOS Beam's compact and versatile design is great for smaller rooms.

  2. SONOS Arc's powerful Dolby Atmos speaker array fills any size room with theatre-quality sound.

  3. SONOS Sub gives deep dynamic bass and enhanced sound and effects.

  4. SONOS One's compact design makes it perfect for small rooms such as bathrooms, offices or connect a pair to your SONOS Arc and Sub to create 5.1 surround sound in any room.

  5. SONOS Move is weather and shock resistant with WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities makes it versatile and great indoors or outdoors or on the move.

  6. All SONOS products can be placed on furniture or used with a wall mount.*

  7. SONOS Amp easily connects a pair of bookshelf speakers, a pair of in-ceiling speakers or a turntable to your SONOS system.

* Our free set up does not include installations of wall mounts or installations requiring wiring/cabling. For these special requirements, our parent company, Purpose Group, will look after you. Simply select installation quote option when ordering and one of our installation technicians will be in touch.

Help Me Choose!

Step 1

Pick your Sound.


Compact and versatile design makes ideal for small / compact rooms


Powerful speakers makes it ideal for larger rooms

Step 2

If you like deep full base and enhanced sound, add the SONOS Sub.


Perfect for the serious movie and music lover

Step 3

If you want surround sound, add a pair of speakers.


Compact yet powerful, the SONOS One twin stereo set is the simplest option to complete your 5.1 surround sound system


For seriously powerful surround sound, the SONOS Play:5 twin set is the perfect speaker to complete your 5.1 surround sound system


Create your SONOS One twin stereo set with the SONOS One SL with no voice control.

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