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Creating Surround Sound in Any Room

Surround sound is a technology that is used for enriching the quality of audio reproduction for listeners by using additional audio channels. Unlike screen channels, the sound produced by surround sound technology is from a 360° radius in the two-dimensional plane. Surround sound uses multiple channels, with each channel having a dedicated speaker within the system. Surround sound provides listeners with excellent audio ambiance and richer and fuller sound.

Surround sound is a technique that allows the perception of sound spatialisation to be enhanced by manipulating sound localisation. This can be achieved by using discrete and multiple audio channels.

AV Setup For Different Rooms

Every room in the home serves a different purpose and therefore your audio and visual requirement and set up will be slightly different. Whatever the room, there is a SONOS solution to delivering high quality crystal clear sound for your movies or music.









What You Would Need to Create Surround Sound in Any Room
  1. TV sitting on TV cabinet or mounted onto a fixed bracket on the wall. Motorised motion brackets are available for more flexible viewable positions.

  2. SONOS Playbar / Beam / Playbase located under TV.

  3. SONOS Sub for deep dynamic bass and enhanced sound and effects.

  4. Add two SONOS Play:1s or SONOS Ones for 5.1 Surround Sound set up.

How It Might Look Like In A Living Room Set Up
SONOS Living Room Surround Sound Example
How It Might Look Like In A Bedroom & Ensuite Set Up
SONOS Bedroom Surround Sound Example.png

What We Love About SONOS

  1. SONOS Beam's compact and versatile design make it great for rooms where you’re shorter on space.

  2. For larger rooms, SONOS Playbase and Playbar's powerful speaker array fills any size room with theatre-quality sound.

  3. SONOS Playbase's sleek, low-profile design practically disappears beneath your TV.

  4. SONOS Sub for deep dynamic bass and enhanced sound and effects.

  5. SONOS One' compact design makes it perfect for small rooms such as bathrooms, offices or connect a pair to your SONOS Playbar and SONOS Sub to create surround sound in any room.

  6. All SONOS products can be placed on furniture or used with a wall mount.*

  7. SONOS Amp easily connects a pair of bookshelf speakers, or a pair of in-ceiling speakers or a turntable to your SONOS system.

* Our free set up does not include installations of wall mounts or architectural in-ceiling on on-wall speakers. For these special requirements, our parent company, Purpose Group, will look after you. Simply select that option when ordering and one of our installation technicians will be in touch.

Help Me Choose!

Step 1

Pick your Sound.


Compact and versatile design makes ideal for small / compact rooms

SONOS PlayBase

Sleek low profile design makes it ideal for sitting under free standing TV


Powerful speakers makes it ideal for larger rooms

Step 2

If you like deep full base and enhanced sound, add the SONOS Sub.


Perfect for the serious movie and music lover

Step 3

If you want surround sound, add a pair of SONOS Ones.


Compact yet powerful, the perfect speaker to complete your 5.1 surround sound system

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